a OneFinity Journeyman X50 CNC on an QCW Frame

May to November 2022

The Frankenstein Bench

My workshop is a 18 x 18 x 10 post and beam 1-1/2 car garage addition to the house.  It was full before I bought the largest (at the time May 2022) CNC that OneFinity makes.  Something had to go.  Normally there was a table saw, workbench, drafting table, enclosed miter saw dust collection equipment and thousands of bits and pieces left over from years of relentless physical manifestation.

I watched videos where people attached the 1F to walls and used the Joystick lifted themselves up the wall and that's where I started; planning to hang it from the post and beams.  That may have been my best plan, however other considerations took precedence.   One of my concerns was the fact that all this dust would fall to the floor.  I have a thing about dust.  Dust collection is difficult.

The best advice I have read so far on the 1F Forum is not to get committed to a configuration until you have tried working with the machine for a while.  Having a CNC is going to change your workflow, the things that you can do and the way that you do them.  At 70 I'm moving a bit slower and accessibility became an overwhelming consideration. This is where the Frankenstein Bench shines, I can access all four sides!  It lives!

The Frankenstein Bench is on wheels!  I can move the CNC around to access all four sides and I can get it out of the way as required (more or less @ 60"x70").  The design is based on the bones and sinew of previous workbenches.  The red-blue level is high enough off the floor for DairyLand milk cartons and just happens to be a 61" torsion box (a measurement that gave me a lot of trouble).  The  wheels are attached to 2x6s supporting plywood floating in dados in 23" 4x4s topped by 9" and 11" wings (that allowed me to fix the 61" measurement issue that I ran into with the QCW Frame).  YRMV: 40"x56 1/8" 

no matter what you do, a lot of dust ends up on the floor anyway

Most Used tool 2022

Lee Valley clamps

Remote Off/On Switch at front

Very Cool

CNC Controller and VFD Shutoff
Mounting Version 3 or 4

14W J Tech Laser
Doesn't like Dust Collection  Mounts

Network Hub

Controller uses HOSTNAME

Dell 19" monitor, WinTel Pro 10, VCarve Pro, 2 video cameras

4" Dust Collection

Mixed results

end mills


oops clamps & Hex-bolts


lee valley cyclone


WIP - Bench Top #2


adobe stock patterns

black laminated pine with 2 x 2 grid

Once a Year Day 

Only this neat, once a year

April 4th Torus

80 mm water cooled Hengyang Spindle

order while waiting for 1F to show up

magnetic rare earth disks

love these

cooling water and Spindle VFD

mounted at the back of the bench

12+ receptacles required

Wasteboard?  I think Not!

It works!

Chronic Reset of Touchscreen


Was NOT resolved by 1F support

From Above 2 much trouble

Screwed from below 





Hardest part is soldering Spindle Connection

Case Screws at both ends are grounded

Ready for the 1F to arrive

Early efforts

Got rid of Touchscreen mount


Wires, Wires Everywhere