Bench One

"If man evolved from apes, then why are there apes?"
- Herschel Walker 2022

Apes.  A Quantum Leap.  You. 

The legs of the bench represent the four parts of breath, the Merkabah, movement and manifestation.  

A waypoint to consider the Way.  So to speak.

December 17, 2022

This week I have had news that gives me hope for my futureWhat Gifts and opportunities have I been given?  How can I make the most of the them?

I am follow the yoga of Action, bound to the the River,  committed to crossing the Great Water. 

Bench Two

"In order to bring about a transformation in the field, information and energy must be exchanged." Deepak Chopra

The frequency of Gaia is increasing. As frequency increases, vibration increases. As the vibration increases, chaos increases.  

an increase in chaos results in a increase in the complexity in form

You are a 3D fluxPoint in a morphogenic field.

That is the Way.
- Icarus Flyby 2022

 Detecting an auspicious time to consider the Tao, I consulted the Oracle.

*** Advancing changing to Nourishment *** 

Guided by the I Ching, my attention turned to nourishment.

Without action we can not even feed ourselves
Without nourishment we can not take action 

Q: What type of nourishment am I seeking?  What lies ahead?  What is possible?  

Bench Three

"You are about to enter another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop
—The Twilight Zone." 

Twelve Thousand Years Ago, we were in a higher state of consciousness.  When the dark star fell, the ice was shattered and in the ensuing flood our population fell below the number required to maintain that higher state and we fell from grace.  

chaos ensued 

grains of sand formed new patterns

A: I am seeking nourishment.  I am seeking connections.  I want to change the world.  

These are energetic times, the frequency is increasing.  I can smell it in the water and taste it in the wind.

Bench Four

Before Enlightenment, you must cut wood and haul water

You are changing.  

You are a fluxPoint.

After Enlightenment, you must cut wood and haul water

We are changing.  

We are theFlux.

Work In Progress

Meditation Benches